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What Your Packaged HVAC System Needs From You

Packaged HVAC System

A packaged HVAC system provides both heating and cooling with one efficient unit. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home for an air conditioner and a furnace, this is a smart solution that will provide you with ample home comfort from one compact installation. Your packaged HVAC system works year round to keep your Annapolis, Maryland, home comfortable. Just make sure it’s always getting the care and attention it needs to function properly. By keeping up with these important tasks, you ensure that your packaged HVAC system is always prepared for efficient heating and cooling.

Clear the Area Around Your Exterior Unit

Locate the outdoor unit that powers your home’s packaged HVAC system. This is a critical component, as it’s responsible for nearly everything that happens inside. This is most commonly installed somewhere in the yard at ground level. However, there are instances in which this unit is located elsewhere, such as on the roof. Make sure you know where yours is so you can check on it often.

Every few months, head out and make sure it’s clear of debris. Keep weeds, grass, bushes and other plants trimmed back several feet in all directions. Remove any sticks, leaves or other items that may have accumulated around the unit. A clear open space will allow this system to breathe properly for better efficiency and a longer system life.

Inspect the Air Registers in Your Home

Make sure your air registers are clean and clear so air can flow easily through them. There should be no furniture, rugs, curtains or other items obstructing these openings. Consider the natural path of air from the register through your home. Try to arrange your furniture so air can move efficiently throughout the house, following natural open pathways that you’ve made for it.

Inspect your air registers regularly and make sure they’re clean and open. The fins should be in a straight, open position, ensuring air passes easily through them.

Change Your Filters Regularly

The filter in your HVAC system should be changed once every four to 12 weeks. The frequency will depend in large part on the air quality in your home. If you have children, pets or a dusty environment, you’ll need more frequent filter changes. Look at the filter once a month, and change it when it becomes visibly dirty or when 12 weeks have passed – whichever comes first.

If you feel that monthly filter changes still aren’t giving you the air quality you need, consider pairing your packaged HVAC system with an indoor air quality product. A whole-home air cleaner or an air purifier will offer a higher level of filtration than you can get with a standard HVAC air filter.

If your home is well-sealed for energy efficiency, a ventilator is another smart installation. This system will pull fresh air in and vent stale air out so you’re not repeatedly recirculating the same air.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

You should schedule a maintenance visit for your packaged HVAC system twice a year. Have our service technicians come out once in early spring to prepare you for the cooling season and again in the fall as you get ready for winter. These tune-ups are essential for year-round efficiency. A system that receives proper maintenance will need fewer repairs and enjoy a longer lifespan.

During your maintenance visit, our service technicians will thoroughly inspect the system. They will clean essential components, lubricate moving parts, tighten electrical connections and make other important adjustments. This will ultimately lower your utility bills and improve your indoor air quality, so you can enjoy enhanced comfort year round.

Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning can handle all your HVAC needs, from installations and maintenance to repairs. If your packaged HVAC system needs care and attention, give us a call now at 410-919-0110 for the solutions you need. Addressing issues early and scheduling preventive maintenance in advance will help you get the longest possible lifespan out of your system, so you can enjoy affordable comfort for years to come.

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