If you’re looking to improve efficiency and save money on cooling bills in your Edgewater, Maryland, home, you may want to think about taking a slightly unorthodox approach. Weatherstripping can make a big difference when used in a variety of areas, not just on the doors and windows.


Using weatherstripping on your garage doors can keep this area much cooler during the summer months. Most people use their garages to store valuables and take on tasks at the outdoor workbench. Instead of sweating out there when you’re working or heading to your vehicle, use weatherstripping to keep the cool air in during the warm times of the year. Without proper sealing, a garage door could have a wide gap that allows hot air from the outside to seep in. Adding weatherstripping can help keep the temperature more comfortable. 

Attic Hatches 

Your attic hatch can also allow air to seep in and out of this area of the home, often reducing the efficiency of your cooling system. Use weatherstripping around the hatch that leads from the interior of your house to the attic, keeping the hot attic air where it belongs and out of your bedrooms. Self-sticking weatherstripping makes for easier installation. If you have a pull-down attic door with stairs or a ladder, you can apply a piece of rigid foam to the back of the door along with the weatherstripping. This helps with insulation and energy savings

Along the Baseboards

The baseboards in your home can also allow air to leak out. Apply caulk and weatherstripping to the baseboards, especially those on exterior walls.

Another way to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system is to keep up with regular maintenance. With a routine maintenance plan, you can feel confident that your heating and cooling system is in good hands. The regular service includes a checkup of the components and basic cleaning of the system. Schedule routine HVAC maintenance service with Coastal Heating & Air by calling 410-919-0110.

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