The area that would become Severna Park has probably been inhabited since prehistoric times. However, the first record of European settlement didn’t come until the 17th century, and the region remained rural for much of its existence as the nearby cities of Baltimore and Annapolis grew. During the early 20th century, Severna Park finally grew populous enough to earn a proper name. Legend has it that the winner of a contest to generate this name earned $500, a sizable sum for the time. As nearby Baltimore continued to grow, Severna Park became a bustling bedroom community and summer-home destination. These days, the Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce works tirelessly to attract new business to the city.


Severna is located on the western shore of the upper Chesapeake Bay. As part of Anne Arundel County, it’s located about halfway between Baltimore and Annapolis. Severna Park is surrounded by water on two sides and is nearly bisected by Maryland Highway 648. Other major thoroughfares in the area include Interstate 97 and Maryland Highway 100. Outside of the suburban developments that make up a considerable portion of its land area, Severna Park is characterized by marshy inlets and stands of deciduous forest.

Population and Demographics

According to the most recently available figures, Severna Park has a population of just under 40,000. This figure has steadily expanded since the middle of the 20th century and could grow for some time to come. Many new arrivals come in search of relatively low land prices and larger lots than can be found in Baltimore’s inner suburbs. Severna Park’s families appreciate the excellence of the local school district: Severna Park High School and its feeder schools are routinely called out for their achievements. Additionally, the area’s natural beauty makes it a magnet for second-homeowners.

Things to Do in Severna Park, Maryland

There’s plenty to do in Severna Park. For shoppers, the Highway 648 strip is punctuated by dynamic retail outlets like Park Plaza Shopping Center. Fishermen enjoy the teeming shallows of the Severn and Magothy Rivers. For joggers, dog-walkers and sunbathers, Jenning Road Recreation Area offers year-round options for outdoor activity. Meanwhile, kids and parents alike delight in the ever-changing animal exhibits of Kinder Farm Park, one of the region’s last working farms. The Point Crab House & Grill has some of the freshest seafood between Baltimore and Annapolis.

Climate and Weather

Like much of the rest of the Chesapeake Bay region, Severna Park has a subtropical climate that’s heavily influenced by the nearby waters. Although frosts and even freezes are fairly common, the area’s winters are considerably milder than those of central and western Maryland. Rain is far more common than snow during this time of year. In the spring and fall, changeable conditions and frequent showers lengthen the area’s growing season. Summer can be quite muggy, but persistent onshore breezes limit the extent of the discomfort that local residents feel.

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