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When to Use Your HVAC Fan Setting

HVAC Fan Setting

The primary job of an HVAC fan is to circulate the air in your house. A fan on ‘auto’ turns on shortly after the HVAC system kicks on and shuts down about a minute after it stops running. We have a selection of tips for homeowners in Annapolis and its suburbs that will lengthen the life of your fan, improve air quality and save money. Here’s when to use your HVAC fan setting:

Run the Fan When You’re Not Home

You don’t want to waste energy when you’re out of the house. Instead of leaving your HVAC system on while you’re away, you can run the fan to keep the house from getting stuffy.

A programmable or a smart thermostat allows you to schedule your fan to run for a set number of hours. That way, it’s not on all the time, yet you can still filter and freshen the air when you’re not there.

Filter the Air During Allergy Season

Any time you notice a runny nose, a dry throat or a persistent cough, it could point to your allergies. Indoor and outdoor air pollutants are also culprits. To help ease symptoms, run your fan manually so that it stays on until you’re ready to turn it off again.

HVAC fans filter the air as well. Some of them are specially designed to improve the air quality in your home. Running the fan a few hours each day can result in significant health improvements.

Share the Love

In extremely cold or hot temperatures, your heating and cooling systems have to run hard to balance the temperature in the whole house. The fan helps with that. It pushes cool or warm air throughout your home so that it reaches every room, whether downstairs or upstairs.

If you need someone to check out your fan or clean your filter, call Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning at 410-919-0110. We can help you determine when to use your HVAC fan setting and maximize energy efficiency in your home.

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