allergiesSpring weather provides a welcome change from the frigid days and nights of winter, and most homeowners eagerly open the windows to air out the house. Unfortunately, springtime blossoms fill the outside air with an abundance of pollen, which can trigger a severe reaction in those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Even simple indoor solutions can make a difference with our allergy symptoms this spring.

Practical Solutions to Help Reduce Airborne Allergens

In order to deal with indoor air quality threats, it’s important to adopt a strategy that includes prevention and mitigation. There are several practical steps you can take that will reduce the frequency and severity of allergy exposure.

  • Wash Your Hair: Washing your hair at the end of the day will help to get rid of pollen so that you don’t transfer the particles to your pillows and bed linen where they can become trapped and prolong symptoms until laundered.
  • Keep Windows Closed: Pay attention to pollen forecasts. When the pollen count is high or at a level that you find intolerable, it’s best to keep windows and doors closed.
  • Take Your Shoes off at the Door: Pollen sticks to your shoes and will be transferred indoors and become embedded within carpet fibers as you walk through the house.

Indoor Air Quality Products for Allergy Relief

Those who suffer severe allergic reactions to pollen and other pollutants should consider implementing a whole-house approach to address indoor air quality threats. This includes a variety of indoor air quality products installed by an HVAC professional.

  • Air Purifiers: To dramatically reduce pollen, experts recommend installing a central HVAC filter with a MERV of seven.
  • Mechanical Ventilators: A mechanical ventilator regularly circulates fresh, filtered air into the living area so your home stays clean and pollen free.
  • Humidity Control: A trained IAQ specialist can recommend the ideal system for maintaining a healthy level of humidity in your home to help to improve the overall air quality and make your home feel more comfortable.

Stay Allergy Free This Spring

If you are looking for effective IAQ solutions for spring allergies, call the professionals at Coastal Heating and Air Conditioning today at 410-919-0110.

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