got allergiesFor many, allergies are a year-round concern, but fall can be an especially difficult season. The good news is that there are simple strategies you can use to improve the air quality of your Annapolis-area home. Improving your indoor air quality and making it an allergen-free zone will benefit the entire household.

Upgrade and Maintain Your HVAC System

It is easy to forget to have regular maintenance done on your heating and cooling systems. However, for allergy sufferers, regular maintenance has to be a priority. Something as simple as installing a new filter for your furnace will do a great deal of good. Those who are especially prone to allergies, or severe respiratory problems, may even want to invest in a new heating system for their home. Many of the best systems on the market today, more efficiently remove indoor airborne pollutants.

Thoroughly Clean Allergen Hot-Spots

Another important step in keeping your home allergen-free is to make sure that areas that are hotspots for allergens are cleaned on a regular basis. Generally this means thoroughly dusting furniture, appliances and any area of the home prone to collecting dust. Regularly cleaning carpets, rugs, and any mold-prone areas is also very important. A vacuum with a HEPA filter can be very effective in removing dust, dirt and other allergens.

Reduce In-Home Humidity

It is commonly known that excess moisture in the air presents ideal conditions for mold growth. However, fewer people are aware that high humidity also increases the growth rate for dust mites. Dust mites absorb moisture from the air in order to survive. For those with dust and mold allergies, year-round humidity control is a must. If your HVAC system does not sufficiently manage humidity, systems such as whole-home dehumidifiers will help to make your home more comfortable.

If you want to learn about even more ways that a professional HVAC specialist can help to improve the air quality in your home, or if you are in need of other HVAC services, contact us today at 410-919-0110.

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