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Heating and Cooling System Options for New Builds and Renovations

As you plan for a home renovation or for the construction of a new residence, your heating and cooling system plays an important role in your family’s comfort and health. Insulation products and newer home construction methods have stepped up their game with regards to greener, and more energy efficient ratings. However, unless you add a well-balanced, appropriate-sized, HVAC system, you could compromise your indoor air supply.

Today’s newest HVAC technology makes it possible to obtain excellent system performance and indoor air quality. Below are topics to consider as you research your next HVAC installation.

Regional Factors Affecting Your System Choices

Humid summer conditions and harsh winter temperatures makes it important to plan carefully for your HVAC solutions. Your cooling system plays an important role in dehumidification, affecting your comfort levels during warm weather while also mitigating potential mold growth issues. Icy winters demand reliable and safe heating choices as well. There may be different zoning concerns depending on whether you live in a historic portion of Annapolis or in an unincorporated community like Edgewater. Discussing your HVAC installation needs with a licensed contractor at the earliest possible stage of your project will allow you to thoroughly research climate and zoning concerns before you begin construction.

System Concerns When You Renovate

Your renovation project may involve structural work, or you may simply be interested in renovating your heating and cooling system. In either case, your HVAC contractor is an important resource as the demands for your home comfort equipment are calculated. System sizing is crucial for effective comfort management and maximum energy efficiency. Some issues to consider include the following:

  • Ducts – if ducts are currently present, do you intend to extend ductwork to connect a room addition to your central cooling and heating system? If not, what location-specific solution will fit with your structural and decorative plans while accommodating the comfort needs of those who will use the space?
  • Fuel – the availability of natural gas can provide for a greater set of choices in your heating system solutions. Although boilers and furnaces that are powered by oil can be considered, the efficiency levels and costs associated with natural gas make this one of the more effective choices for those who have access to the fuel.
  • Budget – you may want to make your investment in a system effective not only in terms of the cost of your new equipment but also in terms of energy demands once the system is in place. Your HVAC contractor can assist you in comparing costs and benefits.
  • Renewable resources – eligible green energy solutions provide tax benefits through at least 2016, making geothermal heat pumps a potentially valuable option if your home is situated on enough land or close enough to an appropriate water source.

Considering Your HVAC Installation During the Design Phase for a New Building

Whereas a renovation requires that you adapt your new heating and cooling system to an existing framework, a new build allows you to innovate from the start. Including your HVAC professional on the design team may ensure that issues such as location of the central equipment are addressed based on solar radiation and seasonal needs. Zoning needs can be identified for a multi-story structure so that issues such as hot and cold spots can be minimized. Alternatives to traditional ducted equipment may be explored for both heating and cooling needs, especially if radiant heat or other innovative solutions might be considered for your heating system. The design phase of a new project is the time for dreaming, but working with an experienced HVAC professional will also help you to keep the practical needs for your HVAC installation and indoor air quality needs in view.

Today’s Technology and Your Home Comfort Needs

Carrier offers many high-tech equipment choices for your new building or for your home renovation needs. As you set your goals and identify site-related issues, you can hone in on the most appropriate options for your site.

Geothermal HVAC

A ground-source or water-source heat pump can be much more efficient than an air-source unit due to the greater stability in temperatures. The earth’s heat facilitates the heat exchange process needed to both heat and cool your home. A geothermal unit can operate much more efficiently in colder weather than a typical air-source unit, minimizing the amount of time you might need to rely on oil or gas heating. A geothermal system can coordinate with a gas furnace for a hybrid heating configuration. Carrier’s Performance Geothermal Heat Pump GT provides a cooling efficiency of up to 32.0 EER and a heating efficiency of up to 4.7 COP in the closed loop option.

Greenspeed Infinity Systems

The Infinity Series from Carrier offers the ability to intelligently monitor your heating and cooling equipment through smart thermostats. The top models in the heat pump and furnace lines include Greenspeed technology, providing adaptive features that allow your system to adjust based on both indoor and outdoor conditions. Greenspeed heat pumps operate more effectively at lower outside temperatures than other models, but coordinating with a Greenspeed furnace ensures that the ideal heating system will operate based on the overall conditions at any point in time. Variable speeds mean that only the amount of hot or cold air needed will be delivered, minimizing waste and reducing discomforts often associated with harsh streams of hot air in single-stage furnaces. Variable speeds also allow for optimized dehumidification, critical in managing indoor moisture and reducing the potential for mold problems during the summer.

Ductless System Configurations

Because ducts can represent close to 50 percent of your heating and cooling energy, a ductless heat pump or air conditioning system can provide efficient and healthy options for the whole home or for just a new addition or trouble zone. The ductless approach may eliminate any concern over installing ducts in your renovation project, potentially saving money on your construction costs as well as on your heating and cooling activity. Ductless air conditioning can also be an effective way to ensure optimized comfort throughout your home as custom comfort zones are managed independently of each other.

Contemporary System Control

Cor and Infinity thermostats from Carrier offer you the ability to manage your home comfort in your new or newly renovated home in an intuitive and intelligent manner. The touchscreen design of these models is consistent with the smartphone and tablet designs that dominate the communications and computing industries. Wi-Fi connectivity allows for the seamless integration of system information with apps that can be accessed by phone or computer. These units monitor current conditions, provide weather reports, and offer the ability to customize programmed temperature settings. Additionally, such units monitor indoor air quality issues such as humidity and air filtercondition. With service alerts, these thermostats allow your equipment to be monitored and serviced promptly if there is a problem.

Professional HVAC Support Makes the Difference

The Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning team is dedicated to providing effective solutions to our customers on a year-round basis. As you consider the best systems for a new home or for addressing needs in your renovation project, we can provide recommendations and estimates based on the goals and budget needs that you articulate. We begin with appropriate load calculations to ensure that the most effective options are identified. We will also coordinate with your construction team to time our installation activities appropriately. After your system is in place, we recommend regular preventive maintenance to ensure ongoing excellent performance and a maximum life of service from your equipment. Call our office to discuss your project and needs today.

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