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5 Signs Your HVAC System Might Need Attention

Address HVAC Needs

When you adjust the thermostat in your home as the weather here in Davidsonville, Maryland, starts to change, you expect that the heating or cooling system will work properly to adjust the temperature. But if you hear strange noises or experience problems, you may need to bring in an expert for an HVAC evaluation.

Air is the Wrong Temperature

Moving the temperature on the thermostat should cause your system to kick on and start moving warm or cool air through the vents. But if the air coming out is warm when you dropped the temperature, or vice versa, you may have a problem that requires professional assessment. In an air conditioner, a lack of cold air can mean that the compressor has gone out or the refrigerant levels are too low. In a heating system, cold air might indicate that the pilot light is out or the combustion chamber isn’t able to warm the air properly before it goes through the vents.

Thermostat Issues

There are a few problems that you may notice with your thermostat. Some homeowners notice that the temperature in the room feels drastically different from the number on the display screen. You could also have one or two rooms in your home that don’t get adequate heating or cooling when you adjust the thermostat temperature. Replacing the thermostat is a pretty simple process for an experienced HVAC technician.

You can also take this opportunity to upgrade to a smart thermostat, which allows you access from your mobile device and includes a variety of impressive features. Smart thermostats can monitor the outside temperature as well as track your daily habits for heating and cooling, then make adjustments to save energy and reduce utility bills.

Dust in the Registers

When you turn on the air conditioner or heater, you want to make sure that air can flow freely through the ducts and vents. Dust, debris, pet hair, and other pollutants get pulled into the system and can build up within the ducts over time. Regular duct cleaning by a skilled professional is the best way to combat this problem, plus it helps you ensure that the air you and your family breathe within your home is clean and healthy.

As you clean your home, make sure to dust the registers and vents to keep them free of debris as well. This will allow the air to move in and out of the system more freely.

Bad Smells

When you notice a strange odor in the air that comes out of your heating or cooling system, this could be the result of several problems. Musty odors often indicate the presence of mold within the unit or ducts, and this is an issue that requires immediate attention. It’s especially common to have mold grow in humid climates, but if you’ve had a water leak or other moisture problem, mold can grow and spread quickly. Mold growth can lead to a variety of health problems and allergy symptoms, including headaches, congestion, sore throats, and breathing issues.  

You could notice a pungent or sour odor coming from the unit, which is also cause for concern. The wire insulation keeps the unit functioning properly, so when this goes out, the result is often a very unpleasant smell.

Increase in Energy Bills

The cost to heat and/or cool your home tends to fluctuate throughout the year, especially as the seasons change. But drastic increases in your utility bills can be major indicators that something in your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly. Poor efficiency is a common cause of this, which may occur if your ducts are extremely dirty or you aren’t changing the filters often enough. But it could also mean that a component is broken, requiring other parts of the system to work harder to accommodate.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues when you try to heat or cool your home, give us a call at Coastal Heating & Air at 410-919-0110. We can diagnose and repair problems quickly and efficiently, minimizing the amount of time you have to suffer without proper ventilation.

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