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Top 3 HVAC-Related Health Issues


Many people don’t equate health concerns with the HVAC system in their Edgewater, Maryland, home. Not surprisingly, a lot of health problems stem from inside the home, but there are certainly ways to combat those issues. Keep your family safe by watching out for these three HVAC-related health concerns.

Indoor Air Quality and Allergies

Dirty air filters and ductwork are major culprits of poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can cause allergies to worsen, and cause symptoms such as a runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, and sneezing. In particular cases, poor indoor air quality can also trigger asthma attacks. Make arrangements to have your indoor air quality tested, especially if you tend to spend a lot of time indoors. Also, change your filters regularly to make sure they do not become clogged and affect your air quality and system efficiency.

Sleep Concerns

If you have trouble sleeping at night, your HVAC system and humidity levels could be factors. High humidity levels in your home can cause sleep disruptions. If you live in a humid climate, consider buying a dehumidifier during the summer. Although most people are concerned with high humidity levels, low humidity levels can cause health concerns too. If you also experience low indoor humidity during winter, consider investing in a humidifier or to keep your family healthy during the cold season as well.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Although it’s rare, carbon monoxide poisoning is a scary concern for homeowners. Especially if your furnace is aging, carbon monoxide may be present in your home. Homeowners should consider buying a carbon monoxide detector for their home, upgrading their system, and most importantly, scheduling annual maintenance. Carbon monoxide leaks are dangerous as they can be deadly. Considering the minimal investment required for installation, there are few reasons not to have one in your home.

If you have concerns about your HVAC system and your health, we are here to help. Give Coastal Heating and Air Conditioning a call at 410-910-0110 to speak with an experienced professional today.

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