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Why Won’t My Heat Pump in Annapolis, MD, Stay On?

Heat Pump

Short-cycling refers to what happens when a heat pump runs for a few minutes before shutting back off. Not only does this put added stress on your system, but it also leaves your home uncomfortable. If your heat pump in Annapolis, MD, is short-cycling, it’s probably because of one of these three reasons:

Airflow Problems

When your home doesn’t get adequate airflow, your heat pump will shut off to protect itself. Clogged air filters are the most common cause of reduced airflow. Changing your filter at least once every three months allows air to freely flow through your system, protecting it and ensuring your home is as comfortable as you want.

Oversized Heat Pump

HVAC professionals refer to a heat pump that’s too powerful for your home as oversized. An oversized system draws air from your living space, heats or cools it quickly and shuts down. Since it shuts down too soon before distributing temperatures evenly in your house, it starts another cycle and repeats the pattern.

Replace your oversized system with a model that matches your heating and cooling loads to eliminate short-cycling. A professional service technician can help you determine your cooling and heating loads to help you select a system that accurately matches your temperature needs.

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat’s sensors read the temperatures in your house and the device prompts the system to start heating or cooling your home based on them. If you place the device where the temperatures fluctuate too much, the sensors will read varying temperatures, prompting the system to turn on and off many times.

If your heat pump is short-cycling, our team can both diagnose and repair the issue. Contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. for quality services for heat pumps. We’ll ensure your system is ready for the upcoming winter.

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