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Why Is Cold Air Coming From My Furnace in Annapolis, MD?

Furnace Blowing Cold

As winter in Annapolis, MD, is often cold, you want your home to feel warm and welcoming. You never want to feel cold air coming from your furnace every time you turn it on to use it. Find out some of the possible reasons your furnace produces cold air.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

Your thermostat relies on the setting you choose, which tells it when to kick on based on the current temperature. When the seasons change, the thermostat may cause your system to release cold air if your thermostat settings were set over the summer. You always need to adjust the settings as the seasons and temperatures change.

Gas Problems

If you have a gas furnace, you might feel cool air because you need more gas. As the supply level drops, the furnace cannot produce enough warm air to heat your whole home, which can also lead to cold spots. There’s also a chance you’ll need to schedule furnace repair services because of a clog or leak in the gas line.


When a furnace overheats, it slows and produces cold air before it shuts down. You should notice that it cycles multiple times a day. Overheating often goes along with old age, a buildup of dirt or mechanical failure.

Pilot Light Failure

The pilot light provides power to the furnace. Drafts can blow out the light and cause cold air to come from the furnace. You may also have a faulty pilot light that goes out on its own.

A furnace that produces cold air isn’t the end of the world because our service technicians can usually fix the problem. It commonly happens because of your pilot light, overheating, gas or thermostat problems. If you live in the Annapolis, MD, area and need help deciding between repairing or buying a new furnace, call Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. for help.

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