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What Should Your HVAC Technician Check During Routine A/C Maintenance?

Regular maintenance keeps your air conditioner running efficiently and helps you to avoid expensive repairs by catching major problems before serious system damage can occur. At least once a year, have your HVAC contractor perform thorough A/C maintenance, which should include all parts of your system.

General Inspection

The HVAC technician will check the overall condition of the system, looking for problems like dirty or loose electrical connections, refrigerant leaks, malfunctioning safety systems or leaking seals around the air handler. The air filter will be changed, and if necessary, proper refrigerant levels will be verified and the thermostat set correctly and tested. Air ducts will be inspected for obstructions and the airflow will be checked at the evaporator coils and both the supply and return vents.

Cleaning the Coils

Both the condenser and evaporator coils require a proper airflow to transfer heat out of your home effectively. The condenser coils, located in the outdoor unit along with the compressor, will be checked for accumulations of dirt, leaves, twigs and other debris and cleaned, if necessary. The evaporator coils, located indoors, will be inspected for excess dust, pet hair and other debris that can get caught in the delicate cooling fins, restricting airflow and causing other system problems.

Cleaning the Blower

Any accumulations of dust will be removed from the blower motor, the fan and the surrounding area. The belt connecting the motor to the fan will be inspected for excessive wear and adjusted or replaced if necessary. The fan motor and pulleys will be lubricated if possible to avoid damage to the bearings, which in turn could cause the fan motor to fail prematurely.

Operation Test

After all standard A/C maintenance is complete, the technician will turn the system on and make sure that everything is operating properly and efficiently. That will also be a great time to obtain information regarding routine tasks you can peform to help keep your system functioning.

To schedule an A/C maintenance appointment for your system, check out Coastal Heating & Air’s HVAC maintenance services or call 410-919-0110 in the Annapolis area.

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