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3 Ways Your Windows Can Improve HVAC Efficiency

Improve HVAC Efficiency With Window Treatments

Windows play a big role in the temperature of a home. They can either let conditioned air escape or allow streams of hot sunlight inside your home. Proper windows and window coverings can help improve HVAC efficiency. Here are three ways how:

Insulated Window Coverings

Pleated, accordion-like insulated cellular shades offer the most energy-efficient coverage. The air trapped between the honeycomb pleats acts as insulation, keeping heat in during cold months and out during warm ones. Preventing this loss or accumulation of heat helps keep your home energy efficient and keeps costs down.

Drapes provide full window coverage, increasing energy efficiency. To boost your energy savings even more, add a thermal layer to the back of the drape.

Interior Window Treatments

Window films help protect against glare, ultraviolet rays and solar heat gain while still allowing occupants an unobstructed view of outside. Films usually consist of three layers, including an anti-scratch layer. Homeowners can choose from many options, such as a thicker film or tint. Some window manufacturers also make reflective glass or a special glaze to help combat energy loss.

Exterior Window Treatments

Shades or shutters on the outside of your home can cut down on unwanted solar heat and UV rays inside. Adding an awning can help reduce energy loss by a large percentage, potentially reducing the need for excessive interior window treatments.

Similar in look to an insect screen, you can use solar window screens both inside and outside a home. You can also make them movable or secure them permanently in place. These screens reduce UV rays, glare and solar heat gain.

Every home has different needs. For more cooling solutions to improve HVAC efficiency, contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. We’ll make sure you’re maximizing energy conservation in your home. Call us at 410-919-0110 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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