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5 Ways Your Pets Impact Indoor Air Quality in Annapolis, MD


There are many benefits to having a pet in your home, but there are some issues that pet ownership brings to your life. One issue is that they can negatively impact your home’s air quality. Below are a few ways your pets can impact your indoor air quality in Annapolis, MD.

Aggravate Allergies and Asthma

Pet dander and pet hair contribute to indoor air pollution, which is often up to to five times worse than outdoor levels. One way to manage allergy and asthma flareups around pets is to dust and sweep regularly.

Contribute to Fatigue

Sneezing, wheezing and coughing aren’t the only ways that dander and pet hair buildup affects you. Another way it manifests is fatigue — a common symptom of allergies that people tend to ignore. This is why it’s important to brush and bathe your pets often.

Dander Can Cause Headaches

Headaches are another way that poor indoor air quality affects people. Exposure to pet dander sometimes inflames the sinuses, which results in pressure and headaches. If your pets sleep with you at night, wash your bedding at least once or twice per week.

Increase the Need for Cleaning

Sometimes your health isn’t affected by your pet’s impact on your indoor air quality, but your home is. For example, you may notice that even if you sweep every day, it seems as though there’s always a clump of fur waiting for you later. Installing an whole-home air purifier can help to keep your air and home clean.

Lead to Dirty Air Filters

Another way pets affect indoor air quality is that the air filters on your HVAC system become clogged faster than normal. Routine maintenance is important to ensure your system has clean air filters. When your system has clogged air filters, it has to work harder to keep you comfortable, which increases wear and tear.

Don’t let poor indoor air quality affect your health and your home. Contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. today to explore our products so that we can help improve your indoor air quality.

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