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5 Signs You Need a New HVAC Thermostat for Your Home

HVAC Thermostat

If you have issues with your heater or air conditioner, the problem might not be your HVAC system but with your thermostat. That’s because your thermostat tells your HVAC system what to do. Below are five signs you need a new HVAC thermostat for your Edgewater, MD, home.

High Energy Bills

Nobody likes high energy bills, but sometimes the culprit isn’t your power company raising their rates or using your system more due to hotter or colder weather. Sometimes it’s a faulty thermostat keeping your system on longer than you need it, which drives up your utility bills.

Home is Too Hot or Too Cold

A malfunctioning thermostat has difficulty keeping your home comfortable. To test this, lower the temperature a little to see what happens. If it can’t maintain the temperature, it’s time to schedule maintenance or replace it.

Incorrect Display

Unless you don’t have a programmable thermostat, your thermostat should have a display where you can see the settings. If you have a blank display, if the display has missing information or it reads the wrong temperature, it needs replacing.

No Thermostat Response

As soon as you change the temperature settings on your thermostat, you should hear an immediate response. If your HVAC system isn’t on before you adjust the settings, you’ll hear clicking noises before your system turns on. If there’s no response from your system when you make these changes, you need to replace your thermostat.

Outdated Thermostat

Thermostats typically have a lifespan of 10 years. If you have a non-programmable thermostat or one with a needle, it’s past time to replace it. As the thermostat ages, it becomes more inefficient and prone to problems.

It pays to prepare for summer, and a thermostat that has problems just won’t cut it. Contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. today to have our professional service technicians check your thermostat and the rest of your HVAC system.

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