The purpose of a furnace’s limit switch is to toggle the system’s entire blower assembly on and off. Because it has such an all-important function, homeowners in Annapolis, MD, need to be aware of when this component malfunctions. Here are three signs that your furnace might have a faulty limit switch:

High Heating Bills

If your furnace’s limit switch malfunctions, the system may not be able to turn off its blowers as a result. Therefore, the furnace may continue operating far past the point when it should have stopped doing so. If this continues for a long enough time, your heating bills may rise substantially, but it won’t feel like your home is any warmer than it was before.

Blowing Cool Air

If your furnace’s limit switch breaks, this may actually make your home a colder place. If your furnace brings your home to a high enough temperature, your thermostat should send it a signal to stop generating more heat until temperatures fall again. However, if the limit switch doesn’t work, the system might stop producing heat while keeping its blowers operational.

As a consequence, your furnace will start blowing room-temperature air into your home, and the resulting breeze can make you feel colder. We advise you to call a furnace repair service technician as soon as you notice this odd behavior.

Short-Cycling Furnace

Faulty limit switches are liable to trip before your furnace truly completes a heating cycle. If this happens, your system will start short cycling, turning on and off before it can fully heat your home.

If you allow this issue to persist, it’ll wear down your furnace and may cause a complete breakdown. This can force you to install a new furnace sooner than you would otherwise need.

Don’t ignore signs that something is wrong with your furnace’s limit switch. Call Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. and ask for heating repair services if you live around Annapolis, MD. We’ll fix your faulty furnace in no time.

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