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Schedule a Tune-up for Your Heating System Before Winter


As winter weather approaches in Davidsonville, Maryland, you start to think about switching from your air conditioner to your heater. You haven’t used the heater for several months, but you assume it will work properly as soon as you turn the switch on your thermostat. However, it is best to have your system checked after a period of inactivity. A tune-up, which includes safety checks and repairs, is very important to ensure your system performs well.

What Happens During a Tune-up?

A tune-up or preventive maintenance service visit prepares your furnace for use in the winter. An HVAC technician evaluates the unit for safety, to ensure, for example, that there is no risk of a carbon monoxide leak. Any problem such as rusted parts or frayed wires, and other issues that could make the furnace inoperable or inefficient, will be identified and fixed.

Your HVAC technician will clean and lubricate parts of your furnace as necessary to make sure the unit operates at peak efficiency. Cleaning is very important as sometimes buildup of dirt or debris can affect the ability of some parts to move freely, or even affect overall system performance. The service technician will repair or replace any defective parts or recommend other services.

Why Is Seasonal Maintenance Important?

Most HVAC experts recommend two seasonal maintenance visits per year — once in spring for your air conditioner, and then again in fall for your heater. Having these checks conducted has many benefits including:

  • Ensuring that the technician catches any problems that could impact your HVAC unit’s performance when you need your system the most.
  • Regular maintenance improves system performance and, therefore, improves comfort.
  • Following a regular maintenance schedule reduces the need for costly repairs.
  • Extending the life of your system, or at the very least ensuring it lives up to its expected lifetime.
  • A better performing and more energy-efficient system results in lower energy bills.

If you have not yet scheduled maintenance service, it is not too late to do so. Contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. at 410-919-0110. Our team is ready to help make your home more comfortable this season.

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