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Replacing Parts of a Split System

mini splitYour mini-split or ductless system consists of an indoor unit and a matching outdoor unit, connected by a narrow tubing. If one part of the system stops working and needs to be replaced, it is usually best to consider replacing the other part as well. It may be less expensive in the short-term to replace only the affected unit, but there are definite advantages in replacing both the indoor and outdoor components. You want to make the best decision financially, and ensure that your system works efficiently overall so that comfort is not sacrificed.

It’s a Matched Set

Today’s systems provide substantially improved efficiency and performance over older models. One major reason is that the indoor and outdoor components are engineered as a precisely matched set. It may not be easy to find a matching component, particularly if the working component is an older model. Replacing only one part means the other might not be a match in terms of capability and performance. The use of components that are not matched can reduce energy efficiency and comfort.

Wear and Tear

Major components of the same system are exposed to the same duration of wear and tear, so they generally require replacement at the same time. If the performance and efficiency of one part of your system have declined enough to warrant replacement, it is quite likely that the other component is also approaching the end of its service life.

Warranty Issues

A new system could negate the warranty of the remaining component. The older component might not be able to match the output of the new component, and the strain to match performance could cause a system breakdown. You may therefore find yourself without any coverage if a malfunction should occur because of the new part.

It may be cheaper to replace one part of the unit at first, but it is not a money-saving strategy for the long run. If you are considering replacing any part of your split system and would like more information, contact the experts at Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. Our technicians are experienced in servicing and installing split systems.

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