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3 Reasons Spring HVAC Maintenance is a Sound Investment

HVAC Maintenance

When part of your HVAC system breaks down in the middle of a heatwave, what do you do? You may have a warranty for your system, but it might no longer be valid. Here are three reasons having an HVAC maintenance plan is a good idea in Annapolis, MD:

Keep Your Warranty Valid

A HVAC maintenance plan is a contract between you and a licensed HVAC professional. They agree to perform routine maintenance, repair your equipment when it breaks down and can replace your system when the old one stops functioning.

When you have an HVAC maintenance plan, the company that does the work for you is responsible for your system’s proper functioning. If, for example, they install a new part while repairing your system, and that part breaks before a stipulated time, they’ll repair it again at no additional charge.

Enjoy Priority Service

If the same company is performing annual maintenance on your home’s HVAC systems, they’ll become familiar with them and their history. They’ll also get to know you.

As a result, when you call with a problem, you’re most likely to get priority service. On the other hand, if you call different service companies for different issues, it’s difficult to get the same treatment.

Extend HVAC Life Expectancy

Your system requires regular maintenance and inspections to keep it in good working order as long as possible. A maintenance plan ensures that a licensed service technician will service your HVAC system once a year. You can save a lot of money and prolong your system’s useful life if they spot a problem early and fix it.

Call our team at Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. today to learn how to lower your utility bills with our HVAC maintenance services. We’ll be happy to serve you.

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