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3 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make With Your HVAC Thermostat

HVAC Thermostat

Your thermostat is an important device that plays an integral role in ensuring you’re comfortable in your home. However, you could be misusing it, interfering with your comfort and the device’s longevity. Here are common HVAC thermostat mistakes you could be making in your Severna Park, MD, home:

Failing to Change the Temperature

It’s good practice to set your thermostat settings close to the outdoor temperatures when you leave the house. When your home is empty, leaving the device’s settings the same as when the house is occupied causes your HVAC system to run non-stop, wasting energy. Also, the system’s wear and tear increases when it runs all day, requiring frequent HVAC repairs.

Installing Your Thermostat in a Wrong Location

Your thermostat has a sensor to detect your home’s temperature. The device sends signals to your HVAC unit to warm or cool your home based on your preference.

Therefore, if you place your device in a very cold or warm room, it fails to detect your home’s temperature accurately. For this reason, it sends wrong signals to your HVAC system, interfering with your comfort.

Ensure your device is away from windows and doesn’t get direct sunlight. Also, keep it away from heat sources such as lamps and ovens. Our service technicians can install your thermostat correctly.

Using a Manual Thermostat

A traditional thermostat only allows you to give instructions to your HVAC unit by manually keying in your preferred temperature. Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat due to its energy-saving features and comfort.

You can give instructions to the device remotely; it also allows you to create a personalized heating or cooling schedule. In addition, the device learns your temperature preferences and uses this data to regulate your home’s temperature in the future.

Reach out to Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. for all your thermostat and HVAC maintenance needs. We specialize in exceptional customer service, and we assure 100% satisfaction.

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