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Maximizing Indoor Air Quality In Annapolis

Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning HVACYou only get one set of lungs, and taking care of them means taking care of the air you breathe. If you think of the amount of time you spend inside, whether it’s all day at an office or all night while you sleep, the importance of managing indoor air quality couldn’t be more clear. Here are some ways you can keep your air clean and your respiratory health high.

Increase Ventilation

Make sure your home is well-ventilated. Indoor air quality tends to suffer because pollutants, ranging from cleaning chemicals to cooking fumes, are trapped inside your house. Ventilation removes stale air from your home, and brings in fresh air.

Check Air Quality

Have your air tested. A qualified professional can help you identify what’s in your home, and whether there’s any cause for concern with substances like radon or carbon monoxide. And be sure to keep smoke alarms and carbon monoxide testers in your home tested, placed correctly, and powered with fresh batteries.

Change Furnace Filters

Replace your furnace filters once a month. Your furnace filters will slowly clog up as they remove dust, dander, and other pollutants from your indoor air. When they become clogged, your air circulation suffers – and so does your furnace fan! When you replace your air filter, check your furnace documentation to learn the highest-efficiency filter it can handle, and purchase those.

Clean Well and Wisely

Switch up your home cleaners. Oven cleaner, bleach, furniture polish, and other cleaning chemicals can end up circulating through your indoor air, which means ending up in your lungs. Consider all-natural cleaners such as vinegar.

Clean the Air

Consider an air cleaner. Whether you choose a bacteria-killing UV light, a central HEPA air filter, or cleanable electrostatic plates in your ductwork, a central air cleaner can deliver a big boost to your home’s indoor air quality.

To boost the air quality in your Annapolis home, Coastal Heating & Air can help! Contact us for expert advice, air cleaner installation, and maintenance.

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