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How to Identify Common Air Conditioning Problems

Your air conditioning is an important system, providing home comfort during the heat of summer. During the hottest times of the summer, system stress and malfunctioning can result in urgent air conditioning repair needs. There are also some common problems that should be addressed promptly to limit the potential for more serious issues. Ideally, your scheduling of preventive maintenance can head off most air conditioning repair needs. When problems arise, you can also take steps to troubleshoot before calling for service. In some cases, there may be simple solutions that don’t require a professional. In other cases, prompt attention may limit your risk of further damage.

Barely There

One of the most common issues in a home’s HVAC performance is weak air pressure. The cause may be mechanical, but there could also be an issue with the air filter or the ductwork. You can check your air filter for excessive dirt, and a quick filter change may resolve the problem without the need for air conditioning repair. Dirty evaporator coils may be an issue, but this can be solved with an AC tune-up. If you haven’t had a tune-up in recent years, this is a long overdue service. A broken blower component or leaky ducts could also affect airflow, both issues that will require repair.

Barely Cool

If you notice that the air blowing from your equipment is not very cold, you may require professional assistance. This is another issue that could result from poor system maintenance. Dirty coils inhibit the energy transfer process between the air and the refrigerant. However, low refrigerant levels could also be a factor. Both can be addressed during system maintenance.

Barely On

Short cycling is characterized by your system turning off before appropriate cooling has been achieved. A system needs to remain on for at least 20 minutes to adequately cool and dehumidify, meaning that anything less could be a concern. Refrigerant levels could play a role in a cycling problem. Frozen coils could also be an issue. Electronic problems with your control board may also be a factor. If the cycling issue is new, you should contact your HVAC contractor for diagnostic and repair services.

System Won’t Operate

An inoperative Air Conditioning compressor or air handler may be startling, but there may be a simple explanation. Check the thermostat settings first to ensure that cooling is selected and that the desired temperature is lower than the current temperature reading. You may also want to inspect the thermostat batteries to be sure that they aren’t the problem. Replace weak batteries as needed.

A tripped breaker could be an issue as well. If the breaker trips repeatedly, however, there may be a more serious problem that warrants professional service. Coastal Heating and Air Conditioning is available to assist with system diagnostics and maintenance based on your needs. You can contact our office to discuss your concerns with one of our friendly staff members. We offer prompt service and efficient repairs to ensure that your equipment problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

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