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4 HVAC Problems Caused by Old Thermostats

Old HVAC Thermostats

In Davidsonville, MD, where summers can feel hot and muggy, a well-functioning air conditioner essential to indoor comfort. However, old HVAC thermostats can improperly or inefficiently regulate your home’s indoor environment. Here are four dangers and drawbacks of using old HVAC thermostats and not upgrading to a programmable or smart model:

Energy Waste

Even if your old thermostat remains in decent working order, it’s much less energy-efficient than newer models. You can program newer HVAC thermostats to only work at certain specified times, and the very newest ones have a recovery mode feature that allows them to more smoothly and gradually change indoor temperatures. By contrast, old HVAC thermostats work manually and waste energy at the margins.

Less Precision

Older HVAC thermostats offer much less precise and reliable temperature readings than newer ones. Since a thermostat’s whole purpose is to control and regulate indoor temperatures, a more precise programmable or smart thermostat is a much better choice.

Not as Convenience to Use

Smart thermostats offer users a wide variety of convenient features, such as the ability to control them remotely from your smartphone. Smart thermostats also allow you to precisely track your energy usage over time and set up exactly when you do and don’t want your thermostat to work.

Unnecessary Damage to Your HVAC System

Since older thermostats cannot be programmed and lack a recovery mode that allows for more gradual heating and cooling, they will tend to put greater pressure on the other parts of your HVAC system. Thus, with an old thermostat, your air handler, compressor or other critical components could wear out sooner. The cost of repairing or replacing your old HVAC system will far exceed the cost of simply replacing the thermostat.

An old thermostat can grow to become a serious drag on your HVAC system, so the cost of replacement will more than pay for itself over time. While our trained professionals can easily do this for you, we can also offer you much more. If you’re in the Davidsonville, MD, area and need any kind of HVAC services this spring or summer, give Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. a call today.

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