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How You Benefit from Our In-house Ductwork Fabrication Services

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Most HVAC customers in Annapolis, MD, focus on the actual HVAC unit when they replace their systems, but you may need to have your ducts updated as well. Instead of ordering pieces from a sheet metal fabrication plant, we offer in-house ductwork fabrication services to create the exact shapes and sizes for your needs.

Improved Efficiency Means Lower Bills

If your ductwork is old, cracked, or separating in some areas, it will cause an increase in your energy bills. Damaged ductwork means your HVAC unit needs to run longer to distribute air throughout your house. If your ducts are leaking hot or cool air, you’ll be sending valuable conditioned air outdoors instead of to the various rooms in your home! We will evaluate your ductwork to find where they need to be replaced, to make your home more energy efficient.

Our In-House Team Can Create a Perfect Fit

If you need to replace your ducts, chances are you could benefit from a custom design. If you have an older your home, or your home has a unique structure, it is likely that you’ll need special services. The team at Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning offers in-house ductwork fabrication services, specifically to meet the unique needs of our customers.

In-House Production Makes Us Cost-Effective

Relying on other sheet metal manufacturers can lead to problems such as limitations in the availability of specific sizes and shapes. We can develop an ideal ductwork plan for your HVAC system. Our custom fabrication capabilities give us the flexibility to create unique shapes for your one-of-a-kind structure. While most companies will complain about the special order, we embrace the challenge of creating something perfect for our customers. By offering in-house ductwork fabrication services, we essentially provide a one-stop shop for your HVAC repair needs. This ability, therefore, results in better prices and efficiently integrated services for you.

If you’re worried that your ducts are leaking air and driving up your bills, call Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning, Co. Inc. today at 410-919-0110. We can examine your current ductwork and provide an honest evaluation of your repair or replacement needs.

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