Are you looking forward to relief from the hot summer? Or do you dread the freezing temperatures and challenges that sometimes come with Annapolis, Maryland, winters? Whatever your seasonal preference may be, fall is upon us, and winter isn’t too far off. You’ve probably mastered saving energy and money during the summer, but if you’re not careful, the fall season can raise your energy and utility costs. Implementing a few money-saving habits into your life will lead to lower costs, a more efficient HVAC system, and a more comfortable home. Here’s how to cut costs this fall.

Adjust Thermostat Programming

Where would we be without our precious thermostats? They can turn a cold space into a warm retreat. However, if used inefficiently, thermostats can contribute to higher utility costs. To cut costs, program your thermostat as close to the outdoor temperature as you can without making yourself uncomfortable. The closer the two temperatures, the more efficiently your heater will operate.

Seasonal Maintenance

If you haven’t already planned it, call your local HVAC contractor today and plan your fall HVAC maintenance. Seasonal maintenance is vital to the efficient operation of any HVAC system, especially after a long summer strain. This maintenance will prepare your system to keep you efficiently warm when the cooler weather hits.

Seal Drafts

Identify where unwelcome outside air may be seeping into your home. Place a fresh layer of caulk around windows that may not be sealed properly. If the windows are too thin to adequately keep out cold air, place some thick drapes in front of them. Place weatherstripping along drafty door frames. Be protective of the warm air inside your home, and it will help cut heating costs.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to have enough money for the holidays, then implement these habits to begin saving money. You shouldn’t have to stress about keeping your home warm. To start saving money on seasonal maintenance, call Coastal Heating and Air today at 410-919-0110.

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