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You want to do as much as possible to save energy in your Annapolis home, and you know that by saving energy, you also save money. Your HVAC system can place a significant drain on your resources if it is not efficient or being used efficiently. A Wi-Fi thermostat is an ideal solution for managing the use of your HVAC system, and helping you to save energy. From weather forecasts to vacation programming, these systems take the guesswork out of heating and cooling comfort.

What a Wi-Fi Thermostat Can Do

Programmable thermostats allow you to set your heating and cooling preferences according to your lifestyle. Wi-Fi thermostats go even further. The Infinity Remote Access Touch Control systems let you adjust your thermostat from anywhere using your Android or iOS device. This means that if you are stuck in traffic in downtown Annapolis, and you know it will be a while before you get home, you can stop your AC from turning on prematurely.

Wi-Fi thermostats can also remind you when you need to replace your AC filter, and they can perform simple system diagnostics. Keeping your AC in top-notch condition will make sure it stays as efficient as possible.

Energy-Saving Features

The best Wi-Fi thermostats come with extra features that take your energy-saving prowess to the next level. The aforementioned Infinity Remote Access Touch Control thermostats track your energy consumption, enabling you to know just how much energy you use to heat and cool your home, and therefore how you can make adjustments for more energy-saving if necessary. Furthermore, it has Greenspeed® intelligence system, a reflection of high level of efficiency.

How to Choose the Right Wi-Fi Thermostat for You

There are many thermostats from which you can choose — those you can install yourself to those that come as part of a comprehensive heating and cooling system. An HVAC professional can help you to choose the best thermostat for your home or office.

Are you ready to discover more about how a Wi-Fi thermostat can make your home more energy-efficient? Contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. for how our solutions can save you money today.

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