Coastal Heating and Air Conditioning Smart HVACMaryland residents, including those located in Annapolis, are among the more thrifty users of energy across the nation, ranking 40th in per capita usage in 2012. However, if your HVAC system is getting on in years, you may find your costs going up as the system begins to wear down and you are needing more frequent repairs. Welcome to the latest, high tech HVAC systems on the market.  They are more energy efficient, and designed to be cleaner, quieter, and overall smarter than those only a couple of years old.

Smart Systems with Wi-Fi Controls

One of the most helpful advances in the HVAC industry is the development of smart thermostats. Carrier’s Infinity line includes smart controls that coordinate with a home network to manage and adjust settings. In addition to more convenient and customizable programming, you can benefit from factors such as filter monitoring and humidity management. The Infinity line of HVAC systems includes the ability to adjust for specific inside conditions that require more or less powerful comfort management. With remote access, you can check on household conditions from a wireless device or a computer whether you are at the office or in another part of the house. You can benefit from real-time reports of system performance, helpful for earlier identification of maintenance or repair needs.

Going Green with Greenspeed Technology

One of the most efficient options available for residential comfort control, Greenspeed technology from Carrier allows you to enjoy precise comfort control with a minimal impact on other aspects of your home environment. The technology is ultra-quiet and can run on very low settings for precise comfort control in even the mildest conditions. Both Greenspeed furnaces and heat pumps offer heating based on the current weather conditions, coordinating with an Infinity control unit for automatic adjustment. This hybrid heating option enables you to save money by using the most efficient fuel for the weather conditions. Additionally, the adaptive technology of Greenspeed units ensures that heating and cooling activity is customized according to indoor conditions.

Environmentally Friendly Home Comfort

As the nation has implemented R-22 phase-out requirements, all new HVAC equipment using refrigerant that has been manufactured since 2010 has used alternatives to R-22. R-410a refrigerant is one of the most common alternatives available, used in high-tech HVAC systems such as Carrier’s Infinity and Greenspeed lines. If your older heat pump or air conditioner is showing signs of refrigerant leaks, you may want to consider updating to a system that uses R-410a refrigerant as an environmentally-sound solution.

Regular Service After Your HVAC Installation

In maintaining the efficiency of your new equipment, it is important to remember that regular maintenance is crucial. Coastal Heating & Air is available for a full range of HVAC system maintenance and repair needs after your equipment is installed. If you are in need of a new heating or cooling system, we are ready to assist with recommendations and an estimate for a high-tech solution. If you are not quite ready to upgrade, we can assist in servicing your existing equipment for optimum performance. Call our Annapolis team for an appointment today.


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