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How Your Heat Pump Keeps Things Cool

Your Heat Pump

Despite its name, a heat pump does more than just heat your home. It’s also effective for keeping things cool in warm Edgewater, Maryland, summers. If you’re looking for an efficient and creative way to beat the high temperatures, this is an intriguing option.

Heat Pumps Move Heat

The name “heat pump” comes from the function of this system and not the impact it has on the temperature. Heat pumps alter the temperature in your home by moving heat. This technology pulls warmth from the air on one side of the equation and disperses it into the air on the opposite end. In winter, it pulls heat from the air outside and brings it in.

During the summer months, it’s just as effective at cooling the house because it reverses this function. The heat pump removes heat from the air inside your home and sends it outside so you’re left with a cooler and more comfortable building.

Types of Heat Pumps

There are several different types of heat pumps. Air source heat pumps are the most common. Not only are they more energy efficient than central air conditioners, they’re also better at dehumidifying the air. Mini-split heat pumps are similar, but they function without ductwork, making them ideal for historic homes or tiny houses without space for ducts.

Geothermal heat pumps are another creative option. These feature liquid-filled pipes that run underground, drawing on the cool temperature beneath the earth to keep the home comfortable. Since the earth maintains a stable temperature of about 50 degrees year-round, these heat pumps have a steady supply of stable energy to draw upon.

Are you interested in adding a heat pump to your home? Learn more about how you can install this system affordably and efficiently. Call Coastal Heating & Air at 410-919-0110. Our knowledgeable technicians will help you choose the best heat pump for your home and install it properly so you enjoy the greatest energy efficiency.

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