Furnace noises come about when there’s a problem with its parts. Therefore, the sooner you schedule repairs, the earlier your furnace will go back to optimal performance. Here are some furnace noises and what they mean in Davidsonville, MD:


A rattling noise that doesn’t go away could indicate several things. Firstly, the access hatch may have loose bolts.

Secondly, a crack in your heat exchanger may also cause this noise. Finally, issues with your blower motor fan belt and burner may cause this noise as well.

Don’t attempt to repair your heating system if you’re not a professional HVAC service technician. This is because you may fail to diagnose the issue accurately and end up working on different parts that have no problems.

Consequently, you may cause more damage to your furnace’s parts. Always seek professional repair services when you notice something unusual about your system.


This sound usually occurs when you turn on your heating system. Typically, when you input instructions in your thermostat and the device triggers the furnace to start, the gas valves open and the burners ignite.

If the burners fail to ignite on time, the gas builds up. You will hear a banging noise when the burners eventually ignite. Unfortunately, the explosions can damage other furnace components with time if you don’t address the problem early enough.


Typically, you may hear a chirping noise when you turn on your furnace for the first time after a long time. The noise occurs when your furnace is warming up. Incidentally, there’s nothing wrong with this.

However, the noise may persist if there’s an issue with your furnace. A persistent chirping noise may mean underlying furnace issues, such as a misaligned blower motor pulley or contact between the blower wheel and mounting plate.

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