The leaves in Annapolis, Maryland, started changing colors later than usual this year. But there’s no doubt the winter weather is on its way. If you haven’t already turned on your heating system, now’s the time to prepare it for the cold months ahead. Here are four fall HVAC tasks that will make your heating system thankful through the winter:

Check and Change Your HVAC Filter

HVAC experts recommend checking your HVAC filter monthly for dirt buildup. Unless otherwise specified, you shouldn’t use your HVAC filter for longer than 90 days. For improved efficiency and indoor air quality, change it seasonally.

Adjust the Ceiling Fans in Your Home

If your home has ceiling fans, you should adjust them before the winter so they rotate clockwise. As a result, the ceiling fans will pull cool air up and create a gentle updraft that pushes warm air that has naturally risen down.

  • Redistributes warm air and makes a room feel warmer and more comfortable
  • Helps save up to 15 percent on your heating costs through the winter
  • Reduces hazards and clutter caused by space heaters and heating blankets

Invest in a High-Quality Humidifier

The air in Annapolis, Maryland, can become extremely dry in the winter. Keeping your home’s air at the right humidity will save energy and reduce heating costs. That’s because humid air holds more heat, lessening your heater’s workload. HVAC experts recommend keeping your home’s relative humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent.

Schedule Fall HVAC Maintenace

Performing HVAC maintenance on your heating system before every winter is the number-one way to lower energy costs and reduce repairs. To avoid busy wait times and winter’s fury, we recommend scheduling maintenance today.

To schedule HVAC maintenance and ensure your heating system is ready for the upcoming winter workload, contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. at 410-919-0110. Our service technicians are standing by to help.

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