Maintenance may seem like a simple and routine job, but its importance is considerable. Especially now that we’ve entered the fall, homeowners in Annapolis, MD, shouldn’t sidestep the need for furnace maintenance. Let’s discuss some of the consequences of skipping furnace maintenance this fall.

Furnace Maintenance Will Keep You Safe

Furnaces burn fuel to produce heat, which means that whatever safeguards may be in place to prevent gas leaks and fires from erupting, at least some danger exists that they will happen. Keeping this danger at a minimum relies on your furnace and all of its critical parts — like the flue pipe, burners, pilot light, blower motor and others — functioning properly.

If there’s some sort of problem with any of these important parts, an inspection from a skilled HVAC maintenance service technician is likely to uncover it. The earlier you discover such problems, the easier and cheaper it will be to fix them.

It’ll Save You Money

By far the greatest source of temptation for shirking on any kind of HVAC maintenance is the desire to save money. Following an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy, many imagine that furnace service is only necessary if there’s some kind of clearly visible problem with the system. Thinking this way can not only expose you to danger, but it can also cost you in a much more literal way.

If any critical furnace part has some mild damage or soot coated on it, it’s better to fix or clean it during maintenance than to undertake much greater repairs after the issue has been festering for a while. In serious enough cases, if you dither on maintenance, you may have to replace your furnace entirely, which is much more expensive.

Think of Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Furnace manufacturers typically include either five-year or 10-year warranties with their products. A condition of using these warranties, however, is that you present proof of at least yearly professional maintenance. Warranties can save you lots of money if mishaps occur, so maintenance will likely pay for itself.

Ignoring furnace maintenance can cost Annapolis, MD, homeowners their money and safety. It’s much better to call Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. and set up a maintenance plan this fall.

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