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3 Dangerous Indoor Pollutants

Dangerous Indoor Pollutants

You’re careful to keep your eye on the outdoor air quality in Annapolis, Maryland. But it’s harder to avoid the pollutants in your living space. While you may not be able to cut off all the emissions causing outdoor air pollution, you can still fight poor indoor air quality. Target these top indoor pollutants at their sources to build a healthy respite from outdoor air pollution:

Biological Pollutants

While we tend to think of pollutants as fossil fuels and other gases, biological pollutants are some of the most dangerous threats to your health and indoor air quality. These pollutants include pet dander, bacteria, viruses and biological growth. As soon as a biological pollutant enters your home, it can hitch a ride on your airflow and spread throughout your living space. You can mitigate the effects of biological pollutants by installing a whole-home air purifier, which uses a high-efficiency filter. As a result, it catches more particles than standard filters.

Volatile Organic Compounds

You want your home to smell nice. But that lemony air freshener likely relies on hazardous chemicals to produce that fresh scent. Those air fresheners, as well as many cleaners, often contain chemicals called volatile organic compounds. These chemicals can cause respiratory and skin irritation and even illness. While a whole-home air purifier can help remove VOCs, improve your IAQ by switching to organic cleaning methods.


If you have a family member who smokes tobacco, no matter in what form, the dangerous chemicals and particles in that smoke are likely hanging around your home. You also may have similar particulates polluting your air if you use alternative heating sources like wood pellets, coal or a wood stove. Installing a high-efficiency filter or a whole-home air cleaner will save your lungs from these particulates.

Protect your home and health from these dangerous indoor pollutants. To improve your indoor air quality with a whole-home air purifier, call Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co. at 410-919-0110.

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