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3 Consequences of Skipping Annual AC Maintenance in Annapolis, MD

AC Maintenance

Most people look for ways to save money on their routine expenses. As such, homeowners in Annapolis, MD, may think that skipping annual AC maintenance is a great opportunity to do so. Sadly, while it might save you in the short term, neglecting maintenance can actually lead to severe consequences down the road. Read on to learn about some issues you may face if you skip annual AC maintenance.

Health Issues

Aside from cooling your home, your air conditioner is also responsible for filtering the air that flows into it. While you should replace or clean your air filter on a monthly basis, maintaining the AC system itself also plays a part in your indoor air quality.

Whether there’s a leak that lets pollutants into your ductwork or an issue with the air filter, problems with your AC system can lead to contaminants circulating throughout your home. This can contribute to allergy symptoms and aggravate respiratory issues like asthma. During routine maintenance, though, your HVAC professional can catch the problems before they spiral out of control and impact your home’s air.

Frequent Air Conditioner Repairs

HVAC professionals can’t catch problems early if you neglect routine maintenance. Even small issues can put more wear and tear on your AC system. Components can wear out faster than they should. Or worse, they can cause larger problems. Either way, you’ll probably find yourself calling an AC repair company more often.

During an annual AC maintenance appointment, your service technician will inspect your system and replace any aging parts. It’s less expensive to replace a small part than repair larger issues. Although it might seem like a minor fix, chances are you’ll end up calling in an HVAC professional less often.

Reduced AC System Lifespan

When you install a new AC system, you probably want to make sure it lasts as long as possible and gives you a good return on the investment. According to experts, preventive AC maintenance is the ticket to keeping your air conditioner working as long as possible and even extending its lifespan. When you make it a norm to skip AC maintenance, system components wear out faster, meaning you might have to replace the unit sooner.

The key to a longer AC system lifespan is ensuring that professionals handle maintenance and repairs. Since we only dispatch NATE-certified service technicians, you can rest assured that we will help you meet your comfort goals. Contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. to schedule AC maintenance in Annapolis, MD, and the surrounding areas.

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