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Common Reasons for Strange AC Odors

ac odors

You’re enjoying your AC in your Annapolis, Maryland, home, when your AC starts to emit strange odors. Some would try to mask or ignore odd AC odors, but that is not a good idea. Strange AC odors could be a sign of serious problems with your HVAC system that require professional assistance. Ignoring the condition could affect your health and lead to system damage.

Dirty Filters

Musty odors most often come from dirty air filters. The air filters in your HVAC system trap dust, dirt, and debris and keep them from circulating inside your house. Each air filter can only hold so much before it needs to be replaced. When the air filters become dirty or clogged, the HVAC system ends up blowing this debris back into the system and your home.

Dead Animals in Vents

One gross source of foul AC odors is animals that have died in your ductwork. You may not notice the smell right away, but once it is detected, you’ll find it worsens each day. The odor can permeate your entire home and is rather unpleasant. Contact your technician to have this addressed immediately. It is also a good time to find and secure entry points to prevent other animals from entering your ductwork.

Electrical Problems

If you notice an odor like something burning within your air conditioning unit, the electrical wiring inside is likely wearing out or damaged. A broken circuit board, exposed wire, worn out motor, or other issues can cause these odors. Ignoring electrical issues is a terrible idea as it could result in a fire. If you detect even a faint smell of something burning, contact your technician immediately.

Coastal Heating and Air is your resource for your HVAC maintenance and repairs. If your AC is producing strange odors, we’ll send a qualified technician your way to explore the problem, diagnose it, and recommend the repairs necessary to eliminate those odors for good. Call us today at 410-919-0110 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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