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Alarming Duct and Furnace Noises

duct and furnace noises

duct and furnace noisesDoes the heating system in your Annapolis home often interrupt your sleep with duct and furnace noises? Do you ever wonder if these strange furnace sounds are dangerous? Noises from forced air heating systems are fairly common, even after a professional duct cleaning. The following are typical types of HVAC noises and what they might mean.

Pop Goes the Ductwork

Ducts can make popping sounds when the heating or cooling system turns off or on during cycles. These noises typically come from flexing ducts that are reacting to changing system air pressure. Sometimes, after furnace maintenance or duct cleaning, when air filters are free of dirt and debris, sounds can begin. That may be because ductwork has nothing clinging to the inside to slow airflow or cushion flexing noises.

Some ducts are designed with creases that allow them to flex without making lots of noise. Replacing ducts can eliminate the popping noise, but that’s an extreme measure unless your ducts are failing.

Whistling Air Vents

Often this particular duct and furnace noise stems from air being too restricted when passing through a heating vent or air register. Check and replace a dirty or clogged air filter and make sure all vent covers fit securely. Also, check vent covers to be sure they are completely open. If the blower motor has variable speeds, you can try turning it down, which may quiet the noises based on the volume of airflow.

When Is Furnace Noise Dangerous?

Booming or popping sounds coming from inside the furnace can be serious. A common cause is delayed burner ignition. When some burners don’t light as the gas turns on, it accumulates in the heating element, causing a small explosion when the burners finally do light.

Delayed ignition may be due to faulty ignition equipment, a dirty burner, rust or corrosion or buildup inside the furnace. That means it’s time to call in an expert HVAC contractor to have your furnace cleaned and inspected.

For more information about duct and furnace noises, contact the heating experts at Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. today at 410.919.0110. We provide residential and commercial service to Annapolis, Maryland and surrounding communities.

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