An optimally functioning air conditioner should cool your home without inflating the energy bills. Multiple factors can cause your air conditioner’s energy consumption to shoot up. Read on to learn if your AC system in Edgewater, MD, is cooling inefficiently and wasting money.

Scheduling Frequent AC Repairs

Failing to schedule AC maintenance can cause your system to break down often. Also, if the unit is older than 15 years, it may start requiring frequent air conditioning repairs.

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that your unit can serve you efficiently for 15 to 20 years, after which the efficiency drops. Replacing your unit can help you save on repair costs and enjoy more comfort.

Dealing With Inconsistent Temperatures

Your AC system should provide uniform cooling to all the rooms in your home. However, sometimes you may notice some rooms are cooler while others are warmer. This means you aren’t getting value from what you’re paying for because your AC system uses energy without meeting your cooling needs.

Several factors, including leaky ducts, can cause the unit to fail to cool your home consistently. Also, it may take longer to cool some rooms if your home has poor insulation.

Receiving Higher Cooling Bills

You may notice your energy bill has started to increase steadily despite the energy rates remaining the same. On further inspection, you find out your air conditioner is the culprit. Factors such as a clogged filter, dirty cooling coils, leaky ductwork and refrigerant leaks can cause your unit to use more energy than it should.

Battling Humid Indoor Air

Besides cooling your home, your AC system removes excess moisture from your indoor air. However, sometimes your air conditioner may fail to dehumidify your house.

This scenario means your AC system isn’t performing its functions fully, wasting energy. Dirty evaporator coils and refrigerant leaks can minimize your system’s ability to eliminate excess moisture.

If your AC system uses more energy and costs you more money, contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. for timely air conditioning services. Our service technician will inspect your unit and devise a solution to restore your comfort.

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