An air conditioner compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, enabling it to run through the system to absorb and release heat outside. Recognizing signs of a failing AC compressor helps keep your home comfortable and can assist in keeping cooling costs low. Read on to discover signs of a failing AC compressor in Davidsonville, MD.

Improper Airflow

Your AC compressor is probably on its last leg if the system blows hot instead of cold air. Weak airflow is also a warning sign of an ineffective compressor if the air vents don’t have enough airflow. Call an AC repair service technician to diagnose the issue if you notice improper airflow.

Loud and Strange Noises

When the AC compressor is about to die, you’ll notice unusual noises from the system. A vibrating sound indicates the compressor is dying. Squealing or grinding noises are a sign you need an AC repair service technician to inspect the compressor.

You shouldn’t wait any longer to hire an expert to avoid a possible compressor failure. Postponing repairs could cause costly repairs or a necessary AC replacement.

Temperature Change

If you set your air conditioner to a lower temperature but your home is still hot, the compressor is faulty. If turning down the thermostat doesn’t kick-start the compressor, it’s a possible sign of failure. Call your local AC expert to inspect the compressor and replace it before it damages the entire air conditioner.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

The AC compressor is probably failing if the outdoor unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker and losing power. It might be overheating, forcing it to draw too much power and tripping the circuit breaker. A compressor replacement might be looming, especially if it’s old or beyond repair.

If you experience these signs, chances are that your compressor is faulty or dying. It’s best to leave the repair or replacement job to the HVAC professionals. Call Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. for maintenance services and improve your air conditioner’s performance.

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