breathe easierSpring has arrived in Edgewater, Maryland. If each time you venture out you end up sneezing and feeling congested and miserable, you know quite will that this time also marks the beginning of allergy season. Spring air may make your eyes water and your throat scratchy, but you shouldn’t have to feel bad in your own home as well. Check out a few ways you can breathe easier indoors this spring.

Keep Your Floors Clean

When you’re plagued by allergies, a once-a-week sweep, mop, or vacuum isn’t going to be enough, especially in spring. Make sure to dry mop a few times a week to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, and whatever else has been tracked in from outside. Mop and vacuum at least twice a week, as well. Make sure to remove your shoes when you come inside so you don’t track in allergens from the outside.

Don’t Miss Spring Cleaning

For anyone who is too busy fighting allergy symptoms to enjoy the spring weather, spring cleaning is a must. This is a time to get into the corners and get rid of dust, dirt, and cobwebs that regular cleaning may miss. You’ll want to wash your comforter, pillows, drapes, and curtains to deal with any dust mites.

No Open Windows

As soon as the weather becomes mild, you’ll want to open windows. If you cannot handle the pollen floating through the air, this is a bad idea. Instead, try an air cleaner for your home. It will get rid of pollutants and allergens and kill bacteria, viruses, and mold spores in your home, giving you cleaner air to breathe.

Add a UV Lamp

Another option for cleaning your indoor air is to add a UV lamp to your HVAC system. Bacteria and mold love to grow near these systems and then get distributed throughout your home. UV lamps effectively destroy bacteria before they can spread, leaving you with one less allergen to worry about.

If you need an indoor air quality check or information about improving the air quality in your home, contact Coastal Heating and Air today by calling 410-919-0110.

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