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3 Ways to Stay Cool Without Cranking Up the AC

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Thankfully, Annapolis, Maryland, residents don’t deal with the almost year-round humidity the southern states have. In the summer, however, we sweat our way through some miserably hot days. Instead of running your AC on high to combat high temperatures and humidity inside your home, try these three techniques for keeping cool this spring and summer.

Use Fans

Ceiling fans and room fans don’t cool the air in the room, but they make people feel cooler. As you well know, you start to sweat when you’re too hot. This is the body’s way of dealing with heat; when sweat evaporates from our skin. A breeze speeds up evaporation, which is why it’s helpful to run a ceiling fan or a room fan when you’re feeling too hot. Make sure to stay within its stream of air to reap the benefits.

Get Blackout Curtains

If you’re willing to sacrifice some natural light in your home, outfit your windows with blackout curtains. They’re designed to block light and heat from entering or leaving your home. This is an easy way to keep the sun’s punishing rays outside where they belong and prevent even a breath of cooled air from escaping through the windows.

Stop Using Appliances

Your stove, microwave, washing machine, and dryer all generate lots of heat when they run. Cooking something in the microwave for 30 seconds won’t make much of a difference, but cooking an entire breakfast using the stove and oven will heat up your kitchen significantly. Try eating cool things for breakfast, such as fruit and cereal, and don’t use the stove or do the laundry until the sun has gone down. In the summer, these tasks should become nighttime chores.

Get a maintenance appointment for your AC before summer hits to make sure it is in top working order. A Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co. technician will also give you tips on keeping your home cool. Call us today at 410-919-0110 .

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