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3 Advances in Air Conditioning

advances in air conditioning

Modern air conditioners can save you money and operate more safely than older models. Find out how smart control systems and variable speed blowers are among some of the advances in air conditioning that can help keep your Davidsonville, Maryland, home comfortable.

Smart Control Systems

Advanced control systems can alert you when it’s time for maintenance or when problems arise with your cooling system. During the summer, you can program your smart control system to raise the temperature of your home while you’re away and lower it automatically when you return to save energy and money.

A smart control system with Wi-Fi capabilities allows you to make adjustments when you aren’t home so that you can change your control settings if your schedule changes.

Variable Speed Blowers

Older air conditioners have blowers with only two speeds — on and off. A modern air conditioner with a variable speed blower can be more efficient and keep your home more comfortable.

During the spring, when little cooling is needed, a variable blower will adjust its speed to cool your home appropriately. A two-speed blower would need to start and stop often, using more energy to reach the same temperature.

On-off cycling makes it difficult for a two-speed blower to keep a constant, comfortable temperature in your home. A variable speed blower, however, provides continual cooling by adjusting its speed.

Environmentally Safe Refrigerant

R-22 is the refrigerant used in older air conditioners and is the substance that contributes to ozone layer damage. Modern air conditioning manufacturers are eliminating R-22 from units and replacing it with a refrigerant known as R-410A.

The new refrigerant lacks the chlorine contained in R-22 and causes less harm to the ozone layer. Soon, only environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant will be available in all new air conditioner models.

Whether you want to buy a new air conditioner or replace your current unit, call Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning at 410-919-0110. Our technicians can install, maintain, and repair air conditioners for homeowners in the Davidsonville area.

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