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Top 6 Energy Concerns and Solutions

Home Energy

Every month when you pay your utility bills in your Annapolis, Maryland, home, energy concerns likely cross your mind. High energy bills, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency are all important aspects of your home and are all HVAC related. Although your HVAC system doesn’t need to be on your mind all the time, these concerns shouldn’t be put off when they arise.

Restricted Airflow

If your air filters are clogged, your system has to work harder to cool your home. The added stress on your system will cause it to age faster and also increase your utility bills. Furthermore, dirty air filters can negatively affect your indoor air quality. When air blows through the filter, it takes dirt and dust with it through your home. Schedule yearly maintenance to combat this issue, and check your filter at least every three months (and certainly every month during heavier use) to make sure it isn’t dirty. You should also get your indoor air quality tested if you have concerns as well.

Air Leaks

It costs a lot of money to cool or heat the air in your home, so the last thing you want is to have it waste away. Leaky ducts waste energy, but air also leaks through windows, doors, and your attic leading to even more energy costs. Have an energy audit performed on your home to see if it has any leaks, and then make sure they are sealed properly. Also, consider weatherproofing your doors and windows during the winter to keep the warm air in and cold air out.

Aging Appliances

As HVAC systems age, they use more energy than their newer counterparts. If your system is aging, you may want to consider upgrading sooner rather than later. Although you might not want to spend the money on an energy-efficient system, it will save you money in energy costs over time and improve the value of your home. The longer you wait to replace an aging system, the more your utility bills will increase. You’ll only continue to waste energy and money.

Insulation Issues

Many persons equate insulation problems with the winter months. However, having enough insulation is just as important throughout the year. During summer, insulation prevents the hot sun beating down on your home from making it hotter indoors. Insulation also keeps conditioned air inside. Your contractor can determine if you have enough insulation and in the right areas.

Humid Summers and Dry Winters

Controlling the humidity levels helps to save energy and contributes to keeping your family healthy throughout the year. During the winter, a humidifier will make your home feel warmer, and in the summer a dehumidifier will help the air feel cooler. Consider investing in a whole-house system if you have concerns about the humidity levels, or just place a smaller one in rooms that tend to have moisture issues. A portable device in your bedroom can improve your health and save on energy bills by keeping your room more comfortable.

Energy Savings While Away

One of the smartest ways to save energy in your home is to make sure you don’t waste it while you are away. Consider investing in a smart thermostat to make controlling the temperature in your home easy. With a smart thermostat, you can program the temperature or humidity levels from anywhere with your phone. If there is a change in the weather conditions you can change your thermostat’s settings so that you aren’t wasting money. You can also adjust the temperature while you are away and have it the right comfort level by the time you return home.

Some HVAC issues have easy solutions. The right HVAC contractor can help you with any problem big or small and can help you to start saving energy today. If you have any HVAC concerns, call Coastal Heating and Air Conditioning at 410-919-0110 to speak with one of our experienced contractors.

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