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Top 4 Home Energy Myths Explained

energy myths

Annapolis, Maryland, residents have heard all sorts of advice related to home energy use, but could even the highest-regarded information be false? Countless home energy myths have circulated over the years, so if you’re looking to separate fact from fiction, you’ve come to the right place.

HVAC Use Unavoidably Accounts for Significant Energy Consumption

A statement that might have been true 20 years ago, this myth has been busted, thanks to modern HVAC inventions that have boosted overall home efficiency. In addition, with ENERGY STAR-rated systems, eco-friendly HVAC products, and thorough service inspections, you can rest assured your heating and cooling usage is kept in check.

In fact, the only heating and cooling component that can even remotely be considered an energy hog is your furnace fan, which helps circulate air from your heat pump or furnace through the ductwork. These fans also help cool circulated air in central air conditioners. In fact, furnace fans are responsible for about 10 percent of a household’s annual electricity usage, but energy-efficient options drastically cut that figure by more than half.

Closing the Vent in Unused Rooms Will Save Money

It’s commonly thought that closing vents in unused rooms will save money on your heating and cooling costs. In reality, closing these vents simply changes how the system processes airflow, which can actually make the system work harder than it needs to.

When you close the vents in that unused guest room or den, the duct system becomes more restrictive, which increases pressure. Closing vents can result in an increased chance of duct leakage due to the higher pressure. You could end up losing energy and paying even more in heating and cooling costs.

A smarter idea is to keep vents open and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the home. If temperature control is a problem in certain rooms or areas, it’s best to consider zoning options.

Leaving the Ceiling Fan on Will Keep My Home Cooler

Fans are great for circulating air and cooling your skin, but they don’t reduce a room’s air temperature. In fact, if you were to place a thermometer in the room, you wouldn’t see a temperature change when compared with taking the room’s temperature without the fan running.

What ceiling fans do accomplish is that they create a wind chill effect, which is when a nice breeze moves perspiration away from the body, giving you an instant cooling sensation.

You can use the power of ceiling fans to reduce your home’s energy consumption and boost indoor comfort levels while you’re in the room. Running a ceiling fan can allow you to raise the system thermostat to a higher temperature than you’d normally choose. Thanks to the wind chill effect, you won’t even notice a difference in comfort.

Leaving My Laptop in Sleep Mode Doesn’t Save Electricity

Even if your electronics are off, they still use more energy than you might realize if they are left plugged in. Computers also fall into this category. There has been some debate regarding the benefits of using the sleep mode. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, using the feature can save you up $30 dollars each year. While this might not be much, it still counts for something.

Electronic devices are some of your home’s most common energy vampires. These are seemingly innocuous devices that don’t appear to use much energy but actually contribute to a large chunk of a home’s annual energy usage. The only way to combat energy vampires is to unplug the electronic devices you don’t use often. As for your laptop, shutting it down and keeping it unplugged when not in use is the most effective way to save energy.

A smart way to deal with energy vampires is to use power strips throughout the home. Keeping electronic devices plugged into a power strip means that you can easily toggle the power on and off as needed.

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