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5 Tips for Avoiding AC Emergencies in Howard Co, MD

Tools For Handling AC Emergencies

A properly functioning air conditioner creates a more comfortable and livable home. Unfortunately, breakdowns can happen – usually when you least expect them. Luckily, you can often avoid them. Here are five ways to prevent AC emergencies in Howard Co, MD:

Take Note of the Early Signs of Cooling Issues

One of the most effective methods of avoiding AC emergencies is through early intervention. Taking proactive measures can ensure smooth and continuous operation of your cooling system.

You shouldn’t ignore unusual signs, such as bad odors, which could suggest a leak or an underlying issue that needs immediate attention. Similarly, if the AC system emits warm air, your air conditioner is likely malfunctioning.

If you notice that your energy bill has surged over the past month or so, it’s time to call for a professional inspection. Do the same if the air conditioning system unexpectedly shuts down or has frequent on/off cycling.

Schedule Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Even if your system doesn’t display signs of something being amiss, routine maintenance can come in handy. By having a professional inspect your system regularly, you’ll be able to catch air conditioning issues early, potentially even before it shows signs of problems. For air conditioners, have them inspected every spring so they work without issues as summer approaches.

Maintenance usually includes examining the outdoor unit, checking the airflow and testing the system to make sure there are no leaks and all components work properly. During the routine checkup, our service technician will address any concerns found.

Don’t Neglect the Air Filters

Part of your job is to replace or clean the air filters to ensure your AC system remains efficient. Dirty filters will cause the system to work harder, leading to higher power bills and even breakdowns in the long run.

Another problem with dirty filters is that the buildup can circulate around your home. That means you could be breathing in the dust and debris, which can worsen or trigger allergies and respiratory disorders.

The frequency of changing air filters depends on a few factors, including your HVAC usage, the type of filter and the pollutants present in the house, such as dust, smoke or pollen. Typically, you should check your filters every one to three months and replace them if they look dirty or clogged.

Fix the Broken Thermostat

Thermostats break just like your HVAC system, which is why they require occasional maintenance, too. In some cases, your thermostat may need a complete replacement, such as if it is unresponsive, inaccurate or visibly damaged.

Always ensure that the wiring is correctly and securely attached. Wiring issues can lead to inadequate temperature control, system malfunctions or even complete system failure.

Watch Humidity Levels

Humidity can impact the performance of your HVAC system. For example, high humidity can make your Howard Co, MD, home feel warmer than normal because the moisture in the air slows down the sweat evaporation from the skin. As a result, air conditioners work harder and longer to remove moisture from the air.

Your air conditioner naturally dehumidifies the air as it cools it, but the system may struggle to keep up if the humidity levels are excessively high, which is common in Howard Co, MD, during the summer months.

If you have a smart thermostat, you can monitor your humidity levels or use its humidity control features that work together with your HVAC system. You can then plan ahead by setting the temperature based on the humidity levels, which helps achieve optimal comfort while reducing energy consumption.

You need a knowledgeable team that will work with you and help determine your needs when it comes to your household’s comfort. We have what you’re looking for so that your air conditioner gets the care it requires and you can avoid AC emergencies. If your home requires an expert service technician for regular AC maintenance or repair, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.

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