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Identifying 5 Common HVAC Issues in Older Homes

HVAC In Older Homes

Most homeowners that live in older homes in Annapolis, MD ,often experience issues with their HVAC systems. While they may seem harmless at the time, worn-out HVAC systems in older homes can lead to even more significant problems if not taken care of immediately. The following are five common HVAC issues that may arise in older homes:

Poor Airflow

Proper airflow is key to ensuring a comfortable living environment. Older homes usually have worn-out HVAC systems, which eventually become obstructed with debris.

As a result, the free flow of air gets restricted from your HVAC system. This causes various HVAC problems down the line, such as noise and lower efficiency.

Poor airflow can also lead to health issues such as aggravated allergies, dry throat, sinuses and sore throat. You should have your HVAC system inspected and serviced at least once every year to ensure that it continues operating in peak condition. A certified HVAC expert can analyze any issues with your HVAC system that may be impeding proper airflow in your home and correct them.

Leaking Ductwork

As your HVAC system continues to age, the ductwork may begin to break down. This can cause various issues within your home, especially if your HVAC system is old and not maintained properly. Water can start to leak from the duct pipes, which can cause severe damage to your roof, walls and the items inside your house.

Duct leakage also results in condensation inside your home’s walls and ceilings. If left unchecked, the moisture ultimately causes organic growth. This may lead to health problems and structural issues such as damage to the walls and collapsing ceilings.

Issues With the System’s Controls

Older homes often experience system controls issues due to wear and tear. The thermostats in old homes are manually controlled and usually get damaged over time. This may result in the system not working properly or not responding as required when needed, leading to uncomfortable air conditions in your Annapolis, MD home.

It becomes more challenging to maintain and operate your HVAC system effectively when the controls are not working. In the end, this can cause your HVAC system to break down completely.

To solve this problem, you should have your HVAC system inspected by a certified service technician. HVAC service technicians can determine the cause of the problem and have your system repaired immediately or change out any components that need an update for safer and more efficient performance.

High Cooling Costs

One common issue encountered by homeowners in older homes is high cooling costs. Over time, your HVAC system begins to break down and gets subjected to more wear and tear. As this happens, the efficiency of your HVAC system decreases. This results in higher electricity bills.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

One common issue that results from older HVAC systems is poor indoor air quality. As homes age and get exposed to the elements over time, HVAC systems often get damaged. This leads to poor air circulation in your home.

A malfunctioning HVAC system makes it easy for dust to become trapped inside the HVAC system and circulate throughout the ductwork and your home. This can lead to issues like dry eyes and asthma. You should ensure that your HVAC system is properly cleaned by a certified service technician at least once every year to ensure the air circulating in your home is clean and fresh.

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