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How UV Light Air Purifiers Work and Why You Need One in Edgewater, MD

UV Light Air Purifiers Help Clean Home

The indoor air quality of your Edgewater, MD, home is essential to your health. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to boost your indoor air quality. UV light air purifiers are one option.

Explaining UV Light

UV light can eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, allergens and viruses. There are three primary types of UV light:

  • UVA largely consists of solar radiation from the sun.
  • UVB remains one of the troubling issues in the eco-world because the radiation is harmful and can lead to cancer.
  • UVC is responsible for destroying cells and living organisms; however, Earth does not allow UVC light infiltration.

What’s a UV Light Air Purifier?

A small UV light air purifier emits 200 to 400 nanometers of UVC light. This rids the air of harmful particles comprising disease-causing pathogens or microorganisms.

Unlike other popular air purifiers, UV light air purifiers implement UV germicidal irradiation technology to rid the air of any air contaminants. The UV light air purifiers are add-on installations to your pre-existing HVAC system. As air flows through, it passes on to the air purifiers, where disinfection occurs under UVC lights.

The downside to using UVC light air purifiers is that they may create ozone during the disinfection process. The system also isn’t a fully independent means of air purification. We suggest that you pair the UVC light air purifier with a proper air filter to purify the air effectively.

How the UV Light Air Purifier Works

UVC light radiation is the key to eliminating microorganisms, so how does this happen? All living organisms contain two genetic materials called DNA and RNA. The genetic materials are responsible for growing the organisms and determining how they function.

UVC light produces electromagnetic energy radiation that’s effective at ridding the home of air pollutants. Consequently, these microorganisms fail to reproduce, and their growth cells die, eliminating the contaminant.

Different types of microorganisms will need different UVC light exposure to eliminate them. Viruses are the quickest to eliminate whereas bacteria may take more time to get rid of. The following may alter the effectiveness of UVC light exposure in destroying contaminants:

  • The contact and exposure time with the UVC light.
  • Cooler airflow.
  • Bulb material make.
  • The UVC light dosage amount.

Benefits of UV Light Air Purifiers

UV light air purifiers boost your indoor air quality by eliminating diseases and allergies, inducing bacteria and viruses. Therefore, installing UV light air purifiers reduces the risk of getting infected by allergies or asthma, ensuring that you maintain good health. Airborne diseases are less communicable from one person to another if you invest in a UV light air purifier.

In addition, waste, food and plumbing lines often cause bad odors in your home. The odor particles fill up in the air, making your house uncomfortable. Using UV air purifiers ensures that you eliminate the foreign particles in the air that may be smelly, leaving your home fresh and comfy.

For some people, maintenance or regular component replacement seems like a tedious and boring task that they often forget about or skip. Dirty air filters cause HVAC inefficiency and malfunctions that may prove more costly in the future if left unattended. However, with UV air purifiers, you cut the need to go for monthly air filter replacements or cleaning without affecting the AC system’s efficiency.

When paired with HEPA air filters, your UV light air purifier increases the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The air-cleaning process takes place more quickly through two purification levels for increased safety.

Contact the Professionals

Having more than one way to clean your air is a priceless advantage. Consider installing UV light air purifiers to increase the quality of your indoor air quality. Contact Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. for UV light air purifier installation and other HVAC-related services.

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