Apr 16 2018

When it comes to paying for any kind of service, many of us have trust issues. We’ve been short-changed on more than one occasion, making it difficult to trust anyone else with our hard-earned money. Fortunately, as many homeowners in Annapolis, Maryland, have discovered, there are still good people out there. Through our HVAC service agreements, our team provides reliable maintenance that your home needs without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

Five-Year Warranties

We hope that you come to trust us as much as we trust our service technicians. In fact, we trust our service technicians and parts so much that we guarantee every heating and cooling equipment installation for five years. If the system fails, our team will repair it at no cost to you. Where most warranties only cover the cost of parts but not the labor required to repair the system, we cover both.

However, the five-year warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by natural disasters or by lack of recommended preventive maintenance. So remember to keep up with that.

Preventive Maintenance Plans

In addition to the five-year warranty, we also offer preventive maintenance plans. In essence, a preventive maintenance appointment involves inspecting the system for damaged or displaced components and repairing them when necessary. With regular maintenance, you’ll save hundreds on more expensive part replacements that result from a lack of maintenance. Preventive maintenance also maximizes your system’s lifespan, helping you avoid significant surprise expenses.

Thanks to cleaning and calibration that improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency, you’ll save on utility costs starting the day of the maintenance. Choose between Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of maintenance plans. No matter what plan you decide on, you’ll gain access to Preferred Service, which gives you priority in an emergency service situation. Those with a plan will receive help before those without one.

With an HVAC service agreement through Coastal, you’ll enjoy the efficiency and health that come from maintenance and the peace of mind that comes from working with trusted service technicians. To enjoy the benefits of our service agreements, call Coastal Heating & Air at 410-919-0110.

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