When you think of air pollution, you probably picture stark factories belching black smoke, or a packed highway generating noxious car fumes. You may not think of your common home goods and cleaning products, but many of these are toxic, too. Watch out for sneaky indoor air pollutants like carpeting, cleaning products, and candles, to keep the air clean in your Severna Park, Maryland, home.

New Carpet

Many commercial carpets are pre-treated with chemicals for stain and flame resistance. These chemicals off-gas into the air for weeks or months after installation. Avoid these dangerous fumes by opting for low- or no-VOC carpeting. Green Label Plus is an independent program that tests VOC emissions from various types of carpeting.

Scented Candles

Candles can offer a delicious smell, but this artificial aroma is often laced with hazardous chemicals such as benzene and toluene. If you’re after the warm glow of a burning wick, opt for a natural beeswax candle instead. To add a pleasant scent to your home, place a few drops of a pure essential oil in a small vase of water and place some reed sticks in the container to diffuse the smell into your air.

Lemony Fresh Cleaning Products

Your cleaning products could be polluting your air if they contain the wrong chemicals. Those that boast a fresh lemon scent often get it artificially from a chemical called limonene. Limonene mixes with ground-level ozone to produce formaldehyde. Get that lovely lemon aroma from the real thing, instead. You can clean your home effectively with natural products like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice for a fresh and healthy home.

Nonstick Cookware

Scratched, nonstick cookware releases polytetrafluoroethylene into the air, which has been linked to ADHD and thyroid disease. Opt instead for stainless steel or stoneware products.

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